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About Us

Mahogany Pen Publishing, LLC was founded in 2020 with an urgent need for BIPOC publishers and spaces that uplift black and brown voices. 

What is Mahogany Pen Publishing?

 Independent publisher of fiction and nonfiction works created by unsung BIPOC heroes.

BIPOC: black, indigenous, and people of color
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Why Now?

What is happening in the literary space?


Change is needed! 

 The miseducation in today’s society stems from the silencing of brown narratives; however, Mahogany Pen Publishing commits to reshaping the narrative. 


How will Mahogany Pen Publishing invoke change?

We are committing to reshaping the narrative by:

1. Ensuring our voices can be heard in the literal spaces.

2. Ensuring our books will be seen in educational spaces such as K-12 schools and universities.

3. Ensuring the literature we share is a true and authentic story.

An Innovative Publisher 

Reshaping the BIPOC Narrative ™


Be Heard 

Be Seen 

Be True 

Join our trusted company to edit, publish and promote your literary works.  We are always on the lookout for fresh and new talent and are firmly committed to all our authors. We have a space to uplift different writing pathways.

Find out more below about our trusted team.

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